WATCH: Asala Nasri - Ela Mata (Cover by Alaa Wardi & Sultan Al-Jameel)

Saudi Alaa Wardi is out with a new  cover song where a cappella meets the beat box. Alaa is his very own singing group but this tme he brings a similar minded artists who takes care of the vocals as Alaa handles the music so beautifully with his mouth.

Alaa has made so many incredible videos, and he has done so well himself where he performed in indie concerts with other young artists. He shot to fame when he did an amazing cover by one of Nancy Ajram's best songs of 2010. Released few more followup  but the new Asala Nasri is his serious effort to stage a viral comeback.

Sultan Jameel does an amazing job with this share of the, they both sport the Saudi style outfits and it goes well with the Gulf dialect song.

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