The X Facror Arabia Celebrates With Angham "أنغام "

XFactor Arabia had Angham on yesterday and the people on the show showered her with love. She brought her usual warmth and dapper outfits for the show. She is the classy lady who keeps a distance between her person and her fans. As an artist she is very accessible.

She is a fine lady who has rocked the stages around the Arab world, she communicated her emotions, but is a fun person to interview  because she is always open and honest in her conversation. she does not do canned answers as you will see.

Angham was the life of the party, her unique style is so hard to copy. She is the heart and the mind of the women where the conflicts rest. No other woman can expresses the complexity of being a woman as much as Angham has done. There's a halo around her when she takes on the stage, and she brings out the best listener and music appreciator in the attendees.   

This must have been a night to remember on the popular show. She has two looks and each of them were a hit. She rocked the in studio audience and the judges sat there and perhaps learned some of her secrets. I only wish she sang live, she has the talent, but the technical stuff might have been the roadblock. 

أنغام - الحلقة الثانية - The XTRA Factor 2013 لقاء المطربة

أنغام - أنا نفسي أحب - العروض المباشرة 3 - The X Factor 2013

أنغام - مهزومة - العروض المباشرة 3 -

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